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Generative Design

Generative design is a design discovery process. Designers or engineers, design...
Bilal Çinici
An Innovation Oriented Career

I started my professional engineering life as a Process Development Engineer at the Hyundai Assan factory due to my love for the automotive industry. Afterwards, I worked for many years at the Bosch-Siemens R&D center, which is both an R&D school where I learned design engineering and an application area where I could prove my skills. I experienced international projects, including one year at the German Development Center and another month at the China R&D Center. I worked in 5 different large projects, two of which cost 10M €. I ended my engineering career with a total of 28 patents, 20 of which were international, and most recently as a Mechanical Design Manager.

During my tenure as Deputy General Manager of Sakarya Technopolis; I have provided consultancy to more than 80 companies focused on R&D, Innovation, Project Management, Technology Transfer, Incentives and Collaborations. Upon a proposal from Technopark Istanbul, I assumed the position of Technology Transfer Manager. For 3 years, I was the director of TUBITAK supported 1601 Project and Ministry of Trade supported HISER Project. During this period, I started the consultancy adventure by establishing my AYEM Innovation company with the confidence of supporting numerous project applications, patent writing, training and cooperation.

In addition to my Mechanical Engineering undergraduate and Automotive Engineering Master’s degrees; I have passed the thesis stage in Marmara University Mechanical Engineering Doctorate Program. I have also been in Cambridge, England for 7 months for language training. During my study period in Germany, I attended a 4-month private German language course.

As a result of my experience of more than 10 years in engineering life and the successful work I have done in the Technopark and TTO ecosystem, R&D and innovation-oriented; I will continue to serve in AYEM Innovation company, which is my own initiative, with an out-of-the-box consultancy approach.

I am innovation